Green Flash Saison Diego

Saison Diego™Traditionally, saisons come in 2 major varieties; the first is the variety brewed with higher alcohol to last over the summer and the other is the lower alcohol variety intended for immediate use on the farm.  While the former category is where most modern saisons (domestic and Belgian) fall, Green Flash’s Saison Diego falls into the latter category.

Appearance: Hazy, straw blonde with a white, fluffy head.

Aroma: Spicy delicate nose.  Slightly malty, but very light.

Taste: Spicy with a very dry finish with a lacy feel to the carbonation.

Overall Impression: According to their website, they use ginger, orange peels, and grains of paradise in the brewing process.  They blend very seamlessly to create a wonderfully refreshing, tasty beer.  If you’re looking for something light on alcohol but big on subtle/complex flavors, this is your beer.  Seek it out!

Availability: Limited Nationally.  Your best bet is to check out their website’s availability section to find your local outlet and see if they’re bringing it to your area.

4.3% ABV

4 responses to “Green Flash Saison Diego

  1. This is so so cool! I reviewed the Summer Saison labeled version of this Green Flash beer. Sounds like all they changed was the name. I absolutely loved it and drank the entire bottle by myself without feeling to buzzed. I would definitely pick this up again. A perfect summer beer.


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