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Straffe Hendrik 9 Tripel

Straffe Hendrik 9Brewed by the De Halve Maan Brewery, the last functioning brewery in Bruges, the Straffe Hendrik 9 Tripel is an excellent beer.  It was originally created in 1981 but was eventually licensed for brewing at another space due to capacity issues at their brewery.  It returned to De Halve Maan in 2008 and is still brewed there to its original recipe.

Appearance: Clear Gold with a persistent, white, pillowy head, great retention.

Aroma: Honey notes, Fruity esters with notes of white pepper and clove.

Taste: Big esters and fruit with a spicy finish.

Overall Impression: Big, viscous mouthfeel with a clean, medium length finish.  This is a very bold tripel with a lot of complexity.  The Brewery calls it a Brugse Tripel.  Well worth your time.

Availability: Nationally in larger cities at better beer stores.  Straffe Hendrik is imported by Wetten Importers.

9% ABV

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