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Rince Cochon

Rince Cochon is a Flemish Blonde Ale from Belgium.  The best information I can find is that this beer is brewed by the Roman Brewery, yet their site shows no mention of this (of course, I’m reading the site via google translate.)  I’ve also had a tip that it’s brewed by Haact Brewery.  Thanks, Master Quill.  I’ve checked both breweries’s websites, and neither list this beer.  According to this blog, Rince Cochon was originally a French brand.  It’s entirely possible that both breweries have made this label as a contract brew.  At this point, I’m removing any brewery listing from the Belgium page as I can’t definitively say who made this beer.

It’s tap handle is a giant pink pig on a barrel.  The theme is carried through to the glassware.  The goblet stem ends with a pig on top of the foot.  Not to mention the pig drinking a beer on the glass itself.

Appearance: Burnished gold with a nice white head.

Aroma: Spicy with strong fruity esters.

Taste: The esters continue through on the palette with a really nice spicy/earthy hop finish.

Overall Impression: This beer had a very nice, creamy mouthfeel.  I found it to be tasty and enjoyable.  Especially paired with a light asian noodle salad with greens, tamari and sesame seeds.  It really kicked up the toasty notes from the sesame seeds.  If you see it, it’s worth a try.

Availability: Unknown, probably nationally.

?% ABV

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  1. Hi, I have looked around some more on Dutch, Belfgian and French sites. It seems to me that the original Rince Cochon was brewed simultaneously in Haacht (Belgium) and Annoeullin (France). The Belgian beer being the superior one. These days Rince Cochon is made, like you’ve said, at Roman. So I jumped the gun a bit. Still it’s hard to find any good info (in any language) about this beer. Cheers

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