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Stone Brewing’s Double Dry Hopped IPA

Stone Brewing‘s Double Dry Hopped IPA is a super limited, draft only version of their standard India Pale Ale.  Normally, their IPA is dry hopped once with Centennial hops.  The double dry hopped version uses Motueka hops, a rare hop from New Zealand that was developed for its intense aromatic characteristics. Being dry hopped twice, they run it through their dry hopping system once then twice to give it an extra punch of hops.  Fortunately, dry hopping doesn’t really add a significant amount of additional bitterness.  What it does add, especially in this double dry hopped version, is a giant slap of hop aroma and flavor.  It practically jumps out of the glass at you.

Appearance – Golden, orange with a nice persistent white head.

Aroma – Green, big hitting citrusy hop nose with complimentary resiny pine notes.

Taste – Neutral malt sweetness to balance the beer.  The beer has that wonderful almost gritty mouth feel you get from wet, fresh and dry hopped beers. Long and pleasant slightly bitter finish.  Very mouth-watering.

Overall impression – Stone’s DDH IPA  is a great twist on their classic beer.  If you are lucky enough to spot this on a draft line up get it.  You won’t be disappointed.  It has enough hop character to shut up the most rabid hophead but is approachable enough for anyone who loves great craft beer.  This a seminar in dry hopping.

Availability: Extremely limited.  It may make it into some of Stone’s best markets across the United States.  If you go to a bar that tends to have cool stuff from Stone, they may be lucky enough to get it.  It may also hit a few of the cooler festivals.  Keep your eyes peeled!

6.9% ABV

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