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Worthy Reads – The Ghost of Gose by Natalya Watson

Editor’s Note: Gose is one of the more popular revived styles in the craft beer world. In its native region in Germany, it’s nearly gone but making a slow comeback. In “The Ghost of Gose” Natalya Watson travels to Leipzig to explore the current state of Gose in its native land. You can go straight to this piece on Watson’s Corner here.

The Ghost of Gose 

On the hunt for the ghost of gose, I visited Leipzig, Germany last weekend.

The Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines consider gose a “historical beer” – a definition encompassing styles that have either “all but died out in modern times, or that were much more popular in past times and are known only through recreations.”

Gose technically fits both parts of the definition – the style nearly died out completely when production ceased in 1966.

Although it has been revived, the examples available today are recreations and we may never know they’d compare with the original.

Hence why on my trip to Leipzig this weekend, I felt as if I was seeking out the spirit of the style – the ghost of gose past.

Leipziger Gose sign
The Leipziger Gose sign at Bayerisher Bahnhof Gosebrauerei.

Gose takes it’s name from where it was first… (Continue Reading at Watson’s Corner)

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