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Block 15 Here Comes the Sunshine

Mars, the Roman god of war, kindly lent his name to the month of March while the northern French took advantage of the name for their Spring beers. Biere de Mars was brewed and stored during the winter which, due to the colder temperatures, required a longer slower fermentation that resulted in a clean and dry beer with an intense carbonation.

Block 15 Brewing pays homage to this classic if obscure French beer with their own Biere de Mars called Here Comes The Sunshine. And as is typical with Block 15 beers, it’s executed properly with a nice round of bottle conditioning to get the flavor and carbonation just right.

Appearance: Hazy orange, off white head, great retention.

Aroma: Banana, stone fruit, bready, spicy, straw, caramel.

Taste: Caramel, whole wheat crackers, fruity, peppery finish.

Overall Impression: I do love a properly carbonated beer! It’s such an underrated thing in American beer but an essential one for a beer in the Saison family. It gives the beer an excellent velvety mouthfeel and adds to the dryness and crispness. Block 15, with their usual deftness, has created another great beer worth your attention and money. Grab some while it’s still on shelves.

Availability: Seasonally during the spring in Oregon.

6% ABV

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