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Francois Sehedic Extra Brut

Since 1950, the Sehedic family has been producing cidres from traditional Breton apple varieties starting with Francois. Today, Marie Laure Sehedic and her husband Christian Danielou run the family orchards and cider making. Over the last 30 years, they’ve won 50 medals at Concours General Agricole, France’s farm product competition. Recently, they’ve won the silver medal for their semi-dry cidre and gold for their Pommeau. They also were awarded the Prix D’Excellence which is given based on their aggregate performance at the awards over the last 3 years.

The Sehedic family has about 30 varieties of apples in their nearly 20ha of orchards. Their orchards are located in the Cornouaille and Fouesnant regions of Bretagne and are organically farmed. Their Extra Brut is blend of sweet and sharp apples and undergoes an extended fermentation to achieve a dryer than typical flavor.

Appearance: Gold.

Aroma: Dried apples, spicy, minerally, caramel, woody notes, lightly musty.

Taste: Mild+ tannin, medium acidity, medium astringency.

Overall Impression: This is one of the drier French cidres I’ve encountered. It’s also a bit less tannic than other examples which creates a mellower flavor profile. If you’re looking for a French cidre that’s as dry as possible but doesn’t miss out on flavor, the Francois Sehedic Extra Brut is a flavorful option.

CO2 levels: Medium sparkle.
Geography: Bretagne
Apples: (may include any of these varieties) C’hwero briz, C’huero ru perlay, Trojen hir, Jobic, Kerchen, C’huero braw, C’hwero ru, C’hureo gwen, Prat yeod, Dous moen, Belein, Guilevic, Kermerien, Dous coet, Person, Stang ru, Peau de chien, Locard vert, Doux normand, Plomelin, Médaille argent, Jeanne renard, Marie ménard, Avrolles, Rouget de dol, Bedan, Bouteille vihan, Bouteille vraz, Petit jaune, Jurella.

Availability: In the 37 states serviced by Massanois, Merchants of Fine Wine.

6.5% ABV

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