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Sandford Orchards Straw and Oak 2013

Sandford Orchards is located Devon, England which lies in the southwest of England between Cornwall and Somerset. Sandford produces all its ciders by pressing their own apples from their family orchards. They produce rustic farmhouse ciders using traditional cider apples and cider making techniques.

In this, the Straw and Oak, they press the apples through wheat and barley straw before it’s aged in oak for a year.

Appearance: Gold

Aroma: Brown sugar, baked apples, straw, lightly earthy, apricots, hint of cider vinegar.

Taste: Medium tannin, medium acidity, medium astringency.

Overall Impression: While the Sandford Straw and Oak is certainly in the vein of a rustic farmhouse cider, it’s also very balanced with all the elements working in harmony to create a very tasty, dry, and English cider.

CO2: Light sparkle.
Geography: Devon, England.
Apples: Harry Masters Jersey, Michelin, & Browns.

Availability: Availability: Nationally where ciders from B. United International are sold.

6.9% ABV

(Current US Label)

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