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Les 3 Fourquets Lupulus Hopera

les-3-fourquets-lupulus-hoperaLes 3 Fourquets was initially founded by Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts as a pilot/test brewery for Brasserie Achouffe 2004. When Baeweraerts sold Achouffe to Duvel-Moorgat in 2006, Les 3 Fourquets stayed independent under the condition that they keep production to under 1,500hl for the first 5 years after Achouffe’s acquisition. Baeweraerts eventually sold his share of the Les 3 Fourquest to Gobron in 2008, making Pierre the sole owner.

Named after the wolves that used to roam the Ardennes, Pierre’s main line of beers is marketed under the Lupulus name and is a blonde ale of 8.5%. Lupulus Hopera is a newer release is a lower ABV version of the original Lupulus that features even more hops than its already hoppy big brother.

Appearance: Gold, off white head, great retention.

Aroma: Woodsy, biscuit, mossy, hay, spicy.

Taste: Crackers, lightly fruity, hop vegetate character.

Overall Impression: This is a bright, crisp easy drinking hoppy Belgian blonde. The hop character, while strong, is still wholly European and are actually quite reminiscent of the forests of the Ardennes with its mossy/woodsy characteristics. The carbonation gives the beer a creamy, round mouthfeel that adds to the beer’s character. This is a great, easy drinking Belgian beer that doesn’t skimp on the flavor, complexity, or balance!

Availability: In Belgium and Western Europe.

6% ABV

Note: This beer was sent to me by my friend Kevin Desmet of Belgian Beer Geek.

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