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Nieuwhuys Alpaide Blond Cuvee van de Generaal

neiuwhuys-alpaide-blondThe town of Hoegaarden is famed for its eponymous beer which is now only a bland, pale version of its former glory. However, there is a new beer being brewed in the famed town for those who want a flavorful alternative. Started in 2001, Brouwerij Nieuwhuys (“New House”) opened with a 3,000 liter system and sell their beers in their pub as well as bottles. In 2012, their “Dark Triple” won Gold at the Brussels Beer Challenge.

Alpaide Blond Cuvee van de Generaal is the brewery’s blond triple.

Appearance: Hazy gold, off white head, good retention.

Aroma: Spice, banana, citrus, vanilla, custard.

Taste: Spice, banana, vanilla cake, citrus.

Overall Impression: This is one of the better new Belgian beers I’ve tried in a while! That’s not saying the others weren’t enjoyable, but this one is a step above. It’s balanced, crisp, bright, with a big round, velvety, and creamy mouthfeel. The flavor is excellent with a very pleasant and long finish. I’m really excited to try more from this brewery, including their award winning dark triple.

Availability: In Belgium at shops and at Neiuwhuys’s brewpub in Hoegaarden.

8.5% ABV

This beer was sent to me in a beer trade with my friend Kevin of Belgian Beer Geek.

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