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Petrus Sour Quad

petrus-sour-quadPetrus, made by Brouwerij De Brabandere, is most famous for its Aged Pale Ale. Aged Pale Ale started its life as the blending beer for the brewery’s Oud Bruin. Unlike the other West Flemish breweries who brewed a brown beer as the base for the old-style Reds and Browns, De Brabandere (formerly called Bavik) brewed a pale base beer. Now they use as a blending beer for all their sour beers. Including their new limited release: Sour Quad.

Sour Quad takes a rich and traditional dark Quad brewed with 5 different specialty malts and blends it with 30% foeder-aged Pale Ale. Petrus Sour Quad was created as a special limited release beer.

Appearance: Black, brown head, good retention.

Aroma: Prunes, raisins, cocoa, molasses, currants,.

Taste: Dried fruit, coffee, fruit cake.

Overall Impression: This is certainly an interesting beer. The big, rich character of a quad comes through quite clearly. The tart factor from the addition of foeder beer takes some of the dark, dried fruit notes often found in the style and ratchets them up to give it a bit of a fruit cake character. The bit of tartness also makes this new beer feel like some of the experimental dark beers coming out from some of the breweries using spontaneous fermentation or wild yeasts. It’s a nice addition to Petrus’ lineup and one worth seeking out.

Availability: Nationally at shops that carry good Belgian beers.  Imported by Global Beer.

10.5% ABV

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