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Beer/Cider Photo of the Week: Apples and Air in the Orchards of Eric Bordelet


Orchards provide a mixed light environment. Trees, by their nature, create a lot of shade. This often can lead to patches of light between the leaves that create a bit of flair that’ll wash out a section of the photo. Finding the right metering can be difficult and can lead to photos that are washed out with light or very monotone in shading. When things do come our right though, it’s particularly rewarding for us amateurs.

Often times I don’t upload my photos immediately after I’ve taken them. Usually I’m on an extended trip that requires me to keep moving to the next appointment for the next round of photographs and visits. It’s always feels good when you load them off your camera and find that you have a lot of really nice shots. I took two shots of this cluster of apples in Eric Bordelet’s orchards in Northern France. Both came out nicely with excellent shallow depth of field. The clean blue and white of the fall sky provided an excellent canvas to contrast the russeted brown/green apples against.

This photo was taken on September 27th, 2016.

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