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Tilquin 2014/2015 Oude Mûre À L’Ancienne

Tilquin MureTilquin is the newest of the Gueuze blenders to join the select group of this dwindling tradition. While Pierre Tilquin maybe the newest member, his beers are already garnering praise worldwide, developing a cult following. The release of new beers by Tilquin is often greeted with a frenzy of anticipation, especially when it’s a completely new beer such as his new Oude Mûre À L’Ancienne.

Tilquin’s fruit lambics have followed an untraditional path. He hasn’t released either of the traditional options: Cherry or Raspberry. Instead, his first fruit lambic release was a plum lambic produced in the fully traditional manner of whole fruit, stone and all, placed in the barrels of Lambic to ferment and flavor. Earlier last year, Tilquin released his second fruit beer in Belgium: a blackberry lambic called “Oude Mûre À L’Ancienne.” Fortunately for his American devotees, he just announced a shipment headed to the United States. He did send some of batch 1 to the US, but it was quite small and sold out very quickly.

Appearance: Hazy purple/red, pink head, poor retention.

Aroma: Earthy, spicy, currants, berries, floral, lavender notes, lemon/lime hints, cherry, blackberries.

Taste: Lemon/lime juice, berry, cherry notes, blackberries.

Overall Impression: This marks another excellent entry from Pierre Tilquin and shows his practiced and deft hand. While incredibly fruity, the beer is dry with a nice tartness drifting towards sourness. The long finish is bold and flavorful and definitely calls you back for another taste over and over again. There probably won’t be much of this available, so grab it while you can with 0 reservations.

Availability: In very limited quantities, Imported by 12% Imports.

6.4% ABV

Notes: Best Before 09/01/2025 (January 9th, 2025)

You can read more about Tilquin and my reviews of his beers on page dedicated his Gueuzerie.

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