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Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvée René

Lindemans Bottle and GlassLindemans has finally released their Oude Kriek Cuvée René in the United States. Lindemans, the largest Gueuze and Lambic producer in Belgium, has made their name with their sweeter lambics. Now that the US has gone sour crazy, at least with the beer geek set, beer fans are getting in touch with the Lindemans’ Cuvée René line. Their Gueuze has long been a favorite with beer drinkers in the know, both for its quality and its fair price. But Lindemans has been reluctant to release their Oude Kriek into the US.

Fortunately for American beer fans, Lindemans, thanks in large part to the hard work of their Importer, has responded to the demand of the drinkers and released their first batch of Cuvée René Oude Kriek. As the word “oude” indicates, this is a fully traditional fruit lambic made from 100% whole fruit aged in lambic and then bottled without anything additional added.

Appearance: Dark red/purple, pink head, solid retention.

Aroma: Big cherries, currants, lemon, plums, dark fruit, almond, and light earthiness.

Taste: Almonds, cherries, fruit, light funk, lemon/lime, citrus rind.

Overall Impression: Lindemans Cuvée René Oude Kriek falls on the very tart side of sour spectrum. It’s big on fruity with nice, light counter points of  earthiness and funk. This definitely makes a nice addition to the Cuvée René name and line. If you like Krieks and tart/sour beers, this is definitely one to add to the shopping list.

Availability: This is being released in limited batches. The current batch is still available in some spots if you’re lucky. Keep an eye out for the next batch. Imported by Merchant du Vin.

7% ABV

Notes: Bottled 12/08/2015 (August, 8 2016)

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