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UPC Programs Boost Craft Beverage Sales

As more and more chains look at craft beer and cider options, making your product accessible to the customer means more than just having enough volume to satisfy sales; it means including the tools accounts need to be able to sell your product. One of the most important tools you need to include in your packaging program is a bar code. But you’ll want to ensure you have the right bar code: a Universal Product Code. Universal Product Codes (UPCs) are one of the most vital pieces of information on your product’s label or carrier. Even today’s small and independent bottle shops are adding UPC scanners into equipment repertoires. Investing in the incorrect bar code can be a critical and expensive error.

UPC Scanner

UPC scanners are part of the modern-day bottle shop equipment.


GS1 is the highest standard UPC available in the US and the one that is used by all retailers, especially the largest. While there are other varieties of barcodes available to you that smaller retailers can and will use, GS1 is the industry standard. If you want to sell your beverage to a larger retailer, you’ll need a… (continue reading at

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