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Elysian Dayglow IPA (Manic IPA Series)

Elysian Dayglow IPA

Please note, all of this post was written prior to AB-InBev’s purchase of Elysian Brewing. While the beers still may good, I can not give money to a company that is actively undermining the craft beer industry world-wide. If you’d like to read more about AB-InBev’s malfeasance, please click on this link to a post I did that lists a very small percentage of the unethical acts they perpetrate.

Sometimes all you want is a FRINKIN’ BEER WITH A FRICKIN’ TIGER ON THE LABEL SHOOTIN’ FRICKIN’ LASER BEAMS OUT ITS FRICKIN’ EYES!  Is that too much to ask for?  Well, good thing Elysian Brewing has your back on this one!  Elysian Dayglow IPA is the summer 2014 entry in their rotating Manic IPA Series, it takes the place of last year’s smash hit, Space Dust IPA which will make a reappearance in the Fall Manic IPA spot before moving to a full time beer in 2015.  Dayglow IPA is the followup to the spring’s Savant IPA.

Dayglow IPA is brewed with wheat in addition to Pale Malt and Dextrapils malt.  It uses Centennial and El Dorado hops plus the super hot Mosaic hop.  Plus the label has a tiger shooting lasers out of its eyes!  And believe me, when the tiger is staring at you he’s hypnotizing you. “You’re getting thirsty; you’re getting thirsty; very, very thirsty.”

Appearance: Hazy gold, beige head, great retention.

Aroma: Mango, pineapple, lightly dank, light “cat pee” hop aroma, hints of pine and grapefruit, spicy.

Taste: Grassy, spicy, citrus, fruity.

Overall Impression: Dayglow IPA is a fantastic IPA.  It’s got a nice bitter finish, a lot of crispness, and a nice round mouthfeel. This IPA will make IPA fans happy as well those who aren’t as into the style.  It’s bright, fresh, flavorful, and the only critique I can give it is that it’s standing in the way of me getting more Space Dust!  Oh yeah, it’s got a label with a tiger shooting laser beams out of its eyes!

Availability: Seasonally, in states where Elysian is available (Consult with their website for location details).


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