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Fantome Pissenlit

Fantome Pissenlit Front BackgroundBrasserie Fantome is a small, Belgian brewery from the Walloon province of Luxemburg in Southeast Belgium.  They are most famous for their Fantome which is a golden/Saison-style ale which is particularly well reviewed.  I have yet to try it.  Fantome is a pretty rare find in the US and especially this far west.  You may have more luck on the east coast where their importer, Shelton Brothers, is located.

Dany Prignon is renowned for his secrecy around his recipes.  Most of the time he doesn’t reveal what’s inside his complex concoctions.  On rare occasions, he’ll give you a peak inside certain beers like this Pissenlit which is brewed with dandelions.  Dandelions are a traditional food item that has been reclassified as a weed to most Americans.  The greens provide some excellent bitter green flavors in cooking and salads, and in this case, to the beer.

Appearance:  Cloudy light brown, tan head, great retention.

Aroma: Toffee, pepper undertones, woodsy, earthy, milk chocolate, spicy yeast notes.

Taste: Toffee, hints of soy, herbal bitterness, green tea.

Overall Impression: This is another interesting and unique Fantome beer.  Prignon’s saisons are truly one of a kind.  Pissenlit is no exception.  With a creamy mouthfeel leading to a sweet/bitter finish, the dandelions are quite evident.  While this is darker than many Saisons, it provides an interesting malt backbone to balance against the dandelions.  Fantome beers are not for casual fans of Belgian beer, but if you like an interesting flavor ride, you can’t go wrong with Fantome or with Pissenlit.

Availability: Limited distribution, if your favorite beer store carries Shelton Brother products, ask them if Fantome is available to them.

8% ABV

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