Four Winds Brewing Wild Flower Saison

Four Winds Brewing is only about a year old.  Located in Delta, British Columbia half way between Vancouver, BC and the border with Washington, Four Winds is already making a splash in the BC beer scene.  They’re brewing a mix of traditional English and Belgian styles, including: IPA, Pale Ale, Triple, & Saison.  They also regularly produce a pilsner.  What I find interesting is that their using a lot of the yeast strain Brettanomyces in their beers.  Like several Northwest breweries, they have a Saison with Brett, but they also do a Brett IPA! If you want to learn more about this funky wild yeast strain, you can read my article about it.

Their Wild Flower Saison arrived in a box from my beer trading friend, Heavy CF.  As a fan of Saisons, I was eager to try this one.  That coupled with the nice cork & cage finished bottle and the attractive label really made this beer one of the most immediately interesting beers from a brewery I hadn’t tried yet.  Wild Flower Saison is brewed with dried chamomile and edlerflowers.

Appearance: Hazy gold/amber, beige head, great retention.

Aroma: Floral, chamomile, orange blossoms, honey, grapefruit peel, perfumey.

Taste: Fruity, caramel, honey, light white pepper in the finish.

Overall Impression: What a nice beer!  If you like flowers as a spicing agent, you’ll like this beer.  It still maintains a great Saison backbone that provides a nice counter balance to the sweeter floral character.  It’s got a medium finish and leans a bit towards the sweetish side.  The exceptional carbonation gives this beer a fantastically creamy mouthfeel.  A bit of warning though, be careful when pouring this one.  The carbonation comes out quickly and if you pour too quickly you could have a mess on your hands.  Treat it like a highly carbonated Belgian beer: have your glass nearby, pour it slowly, and start by only pouring a little bit in the glass.  I look forward to trying more from this brewery.  This first beer has me intrigued.

Availability: In and around the brewery and southwestern British Columbia.

6.5% ABV

13 responses to “Four Winds Brewing Wild Flower Saison

  1. This was a very good beer. Four Winds Brewing has stormed into the scene winning awards everywhere they go! The most amazing part is they are still less than a year old!

      • They definitely nailed the “something different” part of it, with great execution. While all the other new breweries are raving about their ESB’s, IPA’s and Stouts, they come to market with Brett’s and Saisons and unique combinations of those, with still a great contingent of the regular stuff (personally, I love their IPA more than any other local one).

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