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Roatan, Honduras – goes TROPICAL!

Fuego del Mar Roatan
Literally where I’ll be staying for the week! (Fuego del Mar, Roatan. Photo by David J L’Hoste from

I think about beer is heading to Central America! Well, for a week.  Two of my friends are turning 40 within the next few weeks and they wanted to go somewhere tropical to celebrate.  They decided on Roatan, Honduras and invited a bunch of their friends.

Roatan is one of the bay islands on the Caribbean side of Honduras.  It’s aproximately 50 miles long and about 5 miles wide at its widest point.   It’s also home to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, after Australia’s.  Fortunately for tourists, several airlines fly directly into the airport in Roatan from the US mainland.

Roatan Map

What is there to do on Roatan? Well, with a huge barrier reef, I’ll be enjoying some swimming and snorkeling.  Perhaps lounge by the pool some?  We’ll be staying in a private rental house that overlooks the ocean.  Fuego del Mar is one of 3 houses available to rent from Villas del Mar.  The houses have spectacular accommodations and access to a whole bunch of fun activities to keep your leisure time filled.  I’ll have a full report when I come back.

If you’ve read any of my other travel posts, you know that I’ll also be busy exploring the beer, beverage, and food of my destination.  I’m hoping to visit the Island’s one craft brewery, Bay Island Brewing, which was started by a Czech expat.  I’ll also see what beers are available at the store and do a survey of Central America’s beer offerings (depending on selection).  Finally, I’ll be exploring the food scene which is renowned for its seafood and local delicacies.  And since it’s the Caribbean, I’ll probably be sipping on something rum filled, possibly with a tiny umbrella!

Until I get back, there probably won’t be any posts so enjoy a few of my classics while I’m doing the hard work of research:

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Safe Travels and Happy Beers until I get back,


10 thoughts on “Roatan, Honduras – goes TROPICAL!

          1. I am currently on the big Island. Here there are 4 breweries including Kona Brewing, Mehana Brewing Co, Hawaii Nui Brewing and a new one to me Big Island Brewhaus. That’s just the big Island. Basically one on the south, one on the West and two on the North East from my understanding. Went to Kona the other day. Cool place wish awesome Brewpub.

          2. Last time I was in Hawaii I did a huge amount of research. This time not as much although I did hit up Kona Brewing and I hope to hit up Big Island Brewhaus If possible but it’s a big jaunt. Slow Ass speed limits on this bloody island. I can’t believe it! I am actually just taking a break from the heat and having a beer after walking along the beach visiting a turtle. Off to the pool now.

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