Lighthouse Brewing Road Trip

Lighthouse Brewing Road TripLighthouse Brewing is one of Vancouver Island’s older breweries.  Founded in 1998, this brewery has become part of the new craft beer revolution in British Columbia.  They recently celebrated their 15th anniversary, which is a huge milestone for any business.  Lighthouse is still pretty small, so you’ll have to travel to Victoria, British Columbia (an amazing place to visit) or get a friend in Canada to send you some, which is how I got this.  Thanks, Chris F!

Road Trip is described as a Fresh-hopped dark ale.  It’s part of their Big Flavor Bomber series, and as a fresh-hopped ale, is their fall seasonal.  This is the second beer from Lighthouse Brewing that I’ve reviewed.  Last year, I reviewed their Imperial Belgian White.

Appearance: Clear brown, light tan head, solid retention.

Aroma: Chocolate, nutty, woodsy, mossy, black tea.

Taste: Cocoa, chocolate, nutty, chocolate malt, herbal hop finish.

Overall Impression: This was a really nice brown ale.  It wasn’t too heavy or muddy, which many new world Brown Ales can be.  There was a nice rich, chocolate character that was balanced with some woodsy/herbal hop character from the fresh hops.  Road Trip is nicely balanced and crisp.  Very enjoyable.

Availability: Seasonal release in British Columbia, get it while you can.

6.2% ABV

You can find out more about Lighthouse Brewing and my reviews of their beers on my page dedicated to Lighthouse Brewing.

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