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Moa Brewing St. Joseph’s

Moa St Josephs TripleMoa Brewing is producing some outstanding Belgian-style ales, including this triple.  Blanc Evolution was one of the first beers I’ve tried from Moa and it hooked me in.  St Josephs combines traditional Belgian flavors with hints of New Zealand’s flavors.

Appearance: Hazy gold, off-white head, solid retention.

Aroma: Green tea, bread, kiwi, banana, coriander, spicy notes.

Taste: Gooseberries, wheaty notes, banana, lemon creme.

Overall Impression: While St Josephs has the classic yeasty notes of Belgium those gooseberry and kiwi notes really remind you that this beer is definitely from New Zealand.  Moa Brewing is definitely one of the new world breweries doing Belgian-styles correctly.  You should definitely check St Josephs out.

Availability: At better beer shops, imported by St. Killian Importing Co.

9.5% ABV

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