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New Belgium Rolle Bolle

Rolle Bolle
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The newest edition to New Belgium‘s seasonal lineup is the Rolle Bolle summer seasonal replacing last year’s Sommersault.  Continuing in my theme of spring/summer beer with fruit, Rolle Bolle is brewed with soursop and monk fruit.  Soursop is native to central America.  The pulp is renowned for its sour, citrus flavor and is used to make juice, candy, and other edibles.   Monk fruit, native to southeast Asia, is grown for its fruit and is known for its sweetness.  It’s often used as a low-calorie sweetener since its extract is 300x’s sweeter than standard sugar.

If you enjoy fruit beers, check out the 3rd Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival is coming up in little over a month (June 8-9).

The name, Rolle Bolle, comes from a Belgian game that’s best described as a cross between shuffleboard, bowling, and bocce.  Here’s a link a youtube video showing people playing Rolle Bolle.

Monk Fruit
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Appearance: Pale yellow with a white head and solid retention.

Aroma: Tart with an odd, but pleasant fruity funkiness.  Grain undertones.

Taste: Slightly tart with a balancing light biscuit, grainy flavor.  A medium finish with a bit of funk.

Overall Impression: The slightly higher level of carbonation combines with the rest of the elements to form a very silky mouthfeel.  This is a nice addition to the New Belgium lineup.  It’s quaffable with a unique character that should please most people.

Availability: Late spring through summer in all areas where New Belgium is sold.

5.5% ABV

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4 thoughts on “New Belgium Rolle Bolle

  1. I didn’t even know New Belgium had a new brew coming out, so this is very exciting. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a bad experience with a NB beer.

    1. It will be replacing their Dig Pale Ale on the shelves. As soon as that sells out, you’ll see the Rolle Bolle. I’m a fan of NBB, too. I’ll actually be going to Colorado in June to visit them (and some others as well).

  2. Surprised the guys in the brown robes over in Belgium didn’t keep some of the monk fruit plants to themselves when they sailed over to try and convert the Central Americans. Sounds more interesting than their candy sugar.

    I’m not normally a fan of summer brews with the exception of DH Festina Peche (not marketed as a “summer beer”, I know) and 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon but this one sounds intriguing.


    1. I don’t think Belgium has the right climate to grow monk fruit. I like their candi sugar though, or rather, I like their beer that use it…ipso facto…I like candi sugar. 🙂 I’m also a big fan of the Festina Peche, so tasty. As far as purely marketed Summer Seasonals, I do enjoy Sierra Nevada Summerfest. That’s a tasty pilsner.

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