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Dogfish Head + Sierra Nevada Rhizing Bines

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Rhizing Bines marks the 3rd beer in the “Life & Limb” collaboration series between Dogfish Head Brewing and Sierra Nevada Brewing.  The first two Life & Limb beers were Belgian Strong Dark Ales using syrups from Sam Calagione’s tree farms and ingredients from Sierra Nevada’s on-site farms.  This time, they’ve decided to brew an IPA.

Keeping with the tradition of using interesting ingredients and techniques, they’ve combined a lot of different aspects from each brewery and coast.  In honor of Sierra Nevada’s new North Carolina brewery, the beer is brewed with a Carolina heirloom wheat variety that was milled locally.  They’re also using a new, experimental hop variety designated Hop 644.  Additionally, they’re employing Dogfish Head’s continual hopping system and Sierra Nevada’s dry-hop torpedo system.  To top it off, the name continues to symbolize the growing relationship between these two breweries.  Hops are a rhizome that grows into bines (the proper botanical name, not vines).

IPA GlassFinally, Sam Calagione and Ken Grossman collaborated with Spieglau Glassware to create an IPA specific glass designed to enhance the beer drinking experience.  On the west coast, you can find Sierra Nevada logo’d glassware.  On the east coast, you’ll find Dogfish Head ones.

Appearance: Gold/Orange with off white head.  Great retention.  The beer is very clear and bright.

Aroma: Hop spice and sweetness.  A bit of hop dankness.  Woodsy/grassy hop aromas with a slight citrus undertone.  Nice, delicate malty notes.

Taste: Sweetish with a nice “wheat lightness” to the palate.  Super balanced.  It finishes with a mossy hop kiss.

Overall Impression: People were expecting this to be the hop bomb of all hop bombs.  Instead, it’s a exceptionally well crafted and balanced beer.  The 70 IBUs are integrated into the beer nicely so as to allow a place for the wheat to make an appearance in the flavor profile.  It’s a bit pricey, but split it with a friend and enjoy this collaboration.

Availability: In markets where Dogfish Head beers are available (this year, the beer was brewed in Milton, DE and distributed via Dogfish Head’s network).

8% ABV

3 thoughts on “Dogfish Head + Sierra Nevada Rhizing Bines

  1. My local beer bar had this as soon as it came out and were giving away the glass but i got there too early. Oh well.

    As for the beer, the first sip was awesome. I got tropical notes as well as citrus. Then it went away but all in all, it was good. Still wish I got the glass.

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