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Upright Brewing Four

Upright Brewing is one of the newer Oregon small scale breweries which started operations around 2009. They specialize in Belgian and French farmhouse style beers. They have many different variations on the Saison style ranging from the lighter “table” beer style to the higher alcohol variety all using a variety of grains that would have been traditionally available to the farmhouse brewer. In addition, they brew a constantly rotating cast of unique, rare, or experimental beers.

The Upright Brewing Four falls into the lighter alcohol “table” beer that was brewed for immediate use instead of the higher alcohol variety that was brewed at the end of the winter brewing season so that it would last over the summer for the use of the fall seasonal workers. The Four is brewed with malted barley, wheat and rolled wheat and finished with hallertau hops. This beer is available year round in 750ml bottle and occasionally on draft.

Appearance: Hazy blonde with white highlights and an intense white head with excellent retention. The appearance is very reminiscent of a belgian wit.

Aroma: Cloves, lemon, a touch of banana, and juicy fruit gum.

Taste: lemon zest, spice, and a nice balanced and restrained graininess. Dry finish with a bit of earthy hoppiness.

Overall Impression: This is a really nice and balanced beer with a light/medium mouth-feel. The Four is a very highly carbonated beer. The high level of carbonation really adds to the refreshing nature and balance of this beer. I’ve had many Upright beers over the last few years. They’re pretty consistent in their quality levels and are always releasing beers that are unique and interesting. It’s worth your time to keep an eye out for their offerings.

Availability: Oregon, California, Washington, British Columbia, Nevada and Illinois in better beer stores.

4.5% ABV

2 thoughts on “Upright Brewing Four

  1. I had a chance at some Upright at a bar in DC just before SAVOR, but I had some other fish to fry that day. Hopefully, I will get another crack at some in the not too distant future. This one sounds like a nice refresher.

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