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Boon Framboise

Boon FramboiseBrouwerij Boon was credited with reviving framboise lambics in 1976. Framboise lambics are typically young lambics fermented with raspberries. Historically, this would have helped hide off favors and create a nice seasonal treat when the berries were fresh. Today, you can enjoy these beers year round.

This beer is brewed with 300 grams of raspberries per liter of liquid or about 2.5lbs per gallon(I believe this is the correct conversion.)

Appearance: Deep purple/red with a pink head. Poor head retention (This is quite natural with sour beers. The acidity tends to interfere with it.)

Aroma: Raspberry, sour and sweet notes.

Taste: Sweet, fruity, with lingering sour finish.

Overall Impression: This isn’t a syrupy framboise like some on the market. It’s balanced and interesting. Boon recommends that you drink this beer young.

5% ABV

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