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Theakston “Old Peculier”

T&R Theakston was founded in 1827 in Masham, North Yorkshire and is  still controlled and operated by Theakston Family with a only a brief period from 1984-2003 when the brewery had been taken over by Mathew Brown plc and then Scottish & Newcastle.  Thanks to Latis Imports, this beer is now available in the United States.  The “Old Peculier” is Theakston’s most famous beer, and arguably one of the most famous of the smaller English brands. calls this an “Old Ale” or a “Stock Ale.”  The brewery doesn’t really assign a style to it.  Color wise, it’s in the Brown Ale and Porter range, but the flavor profile is quite unique.

Appearance: Deep brown with ruby highlights. It has a tan head with sold retention.

Aroma: Chocolate, Caramel, Fig and other dark, dried fruits.  A bit earthy.

Taste: Touches of coffee, raison bread, chocolate, fig.  It has a dry, mild, medium length finish.

Overall Impressions: This is a great old English ale.  It’s intriguing, tasty, balanced and rich.  It’s also supremely balanced.  This would be excellently paired with any number of dishes from sweet to savory.  If you want to taste a great example of what England used to and can still produce, find yourself a bottle today.

Availability: In select markets throughout the United States in better beer stores.

ABV 5.6%

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