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The Commons Brewery Haver Bier

The Commons Brewery is one of Portland, Oregon’s new “nano” breweries.  They brew on a 7 bbl sytem (217 gallons).  Like many breweries, it started out in a garage that quickly outgrew its space.  Now they distribute around town in bottles and kegs and have their own tasting room. Their goal is to create unique beers, often using European yeast strains, that are session-able and flavorful.  Their “Haver Bier” is one of their summer seasonals, a lighter style Saison (similar to the Green Flash Saison Diego I reviewed earlier).  Haver is the Flemish word for oats.

Appearance: Pale blond with a bit of haze.  White head, with ok retention (I suspect the glassware, a 16oz nonic style pint).

Aroma: Clove, pepper, esters and a touch of graininess.

Taste: Light and balanced with a nice touch of classic farmhouse “funk.”  It’s lightly acidic with a good, medium finish.

Overall Impression: I’m really liking what this new brewery is producing.  They make some really nice beer.  If you see this, it’s a great summer choice.  Don’t pair it with food that’s too aggressive.  Light, but flavorful.

Availability: Portland, Oregon on Draft (not sure if any bottle availability.)

5.6% ABV

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