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Hopworks Urban Brewery Miami Weiss


Hopworks is a smaller Oregon brewery based in southeast Portland. They’re 100% organic and very environmentally friendly. They’re also very tuned into the bike culture of America’s most bike friendly city. This is their Bavarian-style Weiss called “Miami Weiss.”  Seriously, I chuckled at this beer geek joke. Of course, like most guys, I have a juvenile sense of humor.

Appearance: cloudy, blonde with a fluffy white head. Great head retention.

Aroma: Classic clove, banana and spice.

Taste: big banana and clove. Nice finish with refreshing acidity.

Overall impression: a great American example of this Bavarian classic. If you’re looking for a German comparison, think of a drier version of Hofbrau Weiss. This is worth trying if you’re in the Pacific Northwest.

Availability: Limited to Hopworks locations.

4.9% ABV

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